Font Vella

Font Vella

El Agua de tu Vida

To solve the brand needs we created a campaign composed of 3 parts that lived together on television. The first and main one, dedicated to the inner beauty that every women has.

The second one, focused on the beauty of bringing a new life to this world and finally several pieces of 10 seconds with a clear focus on the benefit of the product.

The whole campaign portrays women in slow motion to emphasize those subtle and graceful gestures coming from their inner beauty.

El Agua de tu Vida Bebé 20″

Graphic Campaign



Client: Danone 
Product: Font Vella 
Role: Art Director; 
Creating and conceptualizing the project from the visualization of the stylistic look and graphic design to the editing, color correction and post production. Involved in all the processes to maintain the concept and brand essence.

Director: Claudia Llosa
DP: Natasha Braier
Production Company: Ovideo
Shooting: 4 Days / Barcelona

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